Berita Dari Pedalaman Sabah

Berita mengenai peristiwa-peristiwa yang berlaku di sekitar kawasan pedalaman Sabah terutamanya di daerah Keningau, Tambunan, Tenom dan Nabawan. Turut dimuatkan berita-berita yang menarik di sekitar negeri Sabah.

No Illegals in Tenom: DO

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Tenom: There are no illegal immigrants in the district as alleged by Melalap Assemblyman Datuk Radin Malleh recently. District Officer Faimin Kamin said the Assemblyman could have been misinformed because foreigners seen in the tamu were those with valid documents. He said that no Rela and JKKK have come forward thus far on the alleged presence of illegal immigrants in Tenom. Nevertheless, he urged them to monitor the situation and to inspect every crook and cranny in their respective areas to ensure that there are no illegal immigrants around. “We view this matter seriously and we will take firm action to resolve the problem,” he said. District police chief, DSP Mazlan Lazim, also concurred with Faimin by saying police conducted two operations after the report was published but netted no illegal immigrants. He said that the foreigners they came across have valid work pass. “However, we will double our effort to track the illegal immigrants from time to time,” he said. Deputy Assistant Director of the Immigration Department, Zainuddin Ebit said if the situation warrants it, they would request assistance from the police and Rela.


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July 30, 2009 at 2:54 PM

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