Berita Dari Pedalaman Sabah

Berita mengenai peristiwa-peristiwa yang berlaku di sekitar kawasan pedalaman Sabah terutamanya di daerah Keningau, Tambunan, Tenom dan Nabawan. Turut dimuatkan berita-berita yang menarik di sekitar negeri Sabah.

Over 3,000 Sook folks want govt to repair 3km road

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Cars get stranded on the slippery and muddy road.

4th September, 2009

KENINGAU: More than 3,000 residents from three villages in Sook have asked the government to repair and upgrade a three-kilometre road that links the villages to the Sook-Keningau highway.

Their spokesman, Henry Jufy Kusop, said that the villages are Kg Namadan Baru, Kg Lintuhun Baru and Kg Bambangan.

He said the bad condition of the road has caused problems to villages especially for those who use it to transport their crops to town and to school teachers who teach in SK Lintuhun.

He said the problem has also prevented Sabah Rubber Industries Board from going into the villages to buy rubber sheets from the villagers most of whom are farmers.

He said the road condition would turn from bad to worse after the rain making it very slippery to drive on.

“Sometimes you see cars in the drain or stranded in the middle of the slippery and muddy road,” he told the New Sabah Times.

Henry said that the long-standing problem had already been brought to the attention of the Public Works Department by community leaders only to be told that it was not under the department’s jurisdiction.

It was learnt that the road was built by a logging company some years ago.


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